Typical Referral Cases

Periodically, we are asked about the type of cases that are typically referred to our veterinary dental specialty practice. These cases include:

Periodontal Cases

  • Where the client desires advanced dental procedures in the hope of saving affected teeth where indicated.
  • Severe cases where the referring veterinarian wishes to decrease surgical time or minimize complications such as iatrogenic tooth or jaw fracture.

Endodontic Cases

  • For root canal therapy of fractured or discolored teeth in order to decrease the risk of periodontal abscess formation and subsequent systemic sequelae.

Restorative Dentistry

  • For sealants or bonding of fractured teeth or teeth affected with enamel defects or hypoplasia.
  • For crowns on fractured teeth where indicated.
  • For treatment of incipient caries in dogs.

Oral Surgery

  • For challenging extraction cases, multiple of full mouth extraction cases in patients with tooth fractures, or severe periodontal disease, and in cats with gingivostomatitis.
  • For soft tissue gingival or supragingival enlargements.


  • For patients with oral pain, or dental patients not responding to prior medical or surgical therapies.
  • For high risk patients.
  • For clients who may wish to wait while their pet's procedure is being performed and/or who prefer to be more involved in the treatment plan.