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Get 15% off all pet dental services through January, February and March 2018!*

DPet Dental Care Dog Catental Health Month is rapidly approaching in February, and at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital our discount has been extended from January to end of March 2018 (excluding the dental referral specialty practice).

Learn about the The Why, Who, How & Where of Pet Dentistry and why your dog or cat's dental health is so important.

Make that bacteria-laden smelly breath a thing of the past! Come celebrate your pet’s smile with us.

The best place for your dog or cat to receive thorough and effective dental care is through your family veterinarian at the Brick Town Veterinary Hospital.

Call us today at 732-477-9440 to schedule your pet's appointment.

*This discount excludes Dr. Fiorito's dental referral specialty practice.