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Brick Town Veterinary Dental Referral Service and Dr. Debra Fiorito provide advanced dental procedures and techniques including periodontics, endodontics, restorative dentistry, interceptive orthodontics and oral surgery. Dr. Fiorito, the first board-certified veterinary dental specialist in New Jersey, has been performing advanced dental procedures for over 25 years.

Same Day Dental Procedures

  •   Dr. Fiorito performs dental exam on dog.
      Dr. Fiorito with a canine patient.

    As a courtesy to those coming from a distance, we offer same day procedures. Patients who are scheduled for same day procedures do not wait for their procedure to begin. Soon after the consultation is completed, the dental procedure proceeds directly.

  • Owners may wait while the initial dental radiographs are taken under anesthesia, so that treatment options may be discussed with them intra-operatively.

  • As we frequently employ the use of a local anesthetic in conjunction with the general anesthesia (potentially shortening recovery time greatly), the patient is soon returned to the owner's care.

  • Same Day Discharges are usually done within 3 hours for uncomplicated cases.

Appointments for consultations and advanced dental procedures may be scheduled for most weekdays and Saturdays.

Advanced Veterinary Dental Procedures

  • Periodontics — Pets with periodontal disease may benefit from periodontal therapy, including gingivoplasty and periodontal flap procedures. These procedures, in conjunction with appropriate and ongoing dental care, may help limit tooth loss as well as complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, septic arthritis and "poor doer" syndrome.

  • Endodontics — Pets with discolored teeth (pink, purple or grey) or with fractured teeth where the pulp (nerve) is exposed may benefit from root canal therapy. Failure to address these teeth with endodontics or extraction greatly increases the risk of abscess formation. These infections are frequently "silent" and have the potential to cause systemic disease.

  • Restorative Dentistry — Custom-made crowns or bonding may be performed on fractured teeth (especially in guard or police dogs) or to protect teeth affected by enamel defects. Cavities may be filled to prevent infections.

  • Oral Surgery — Soft tissue procedures may be performed where indicated.


  • Referral history (background information), including results of pre-operative testing, should be faxed prior to the appointment.
  • Pre-operative blood work is required for all patients.
  • Fasting is necessary prior to any anesthetic procedures.